Weekly Notes

Oxford street at Christmas time, London

How to Survive Holiday Chaos

It’s officially arrived – the Holiday Season of 2017! And with it, we are bombarded by advertisements everywhere we look: on our TV, in newspapers, via social media. No surprise, but the messages…
healing fats

Healing Fats

These days, the news is full of information about “good” fats and “bad” fats and how important it is to eat the “right” kind of fat. Since fat was the primary dietary villain…
breast cancer ribbon


Screenings look for specific genetic defects called BRCA genes (BR for breast; CA for cancer). Discovered as recently as 1994-95, they’ve become a standard of diagnosis in the last 20+ years. The medical…
healthy foods

Eating With The Seasons – Fall Foods

There is no better time to see this than with the colors of Fall. The trees are turning beautiful shades of orange, dark red, auburn, hazel or cocoa-colored and the food […]
pesticide free blueberries

A New Season for Blueberries and Health

Time to welcome back the humble blueberry! Learn of its health-giving properties and sample some delicious uses from this beautiful shrub. I know it’s blueberry season when I walk into the Monterey Market…

Self Care In a Time of Darkness

This blog was initially going to be about “self care during the holidays”, however this week the office was filled with people in a state of shock and disbelief over the path many…