Weekly Notes

breast cancer ribbon


Screenings look for specific genetic defects called BRCA genes (BR for breast; CA for cancer). Discovered as recently as 1994-95, they’ve become a standard of diagnosis in the last 20+ years. The medical…
healthy foods

Eating With The Seasons – Fall Foods

There is no better time to see this than with the colors of Fall. The trees are turning beautiful shades of orange, dark red, auburn, hazel or cocoa-colored and the food […]
pesticide free blueberries

A New Season for Blueberries and Health

Time to welcome back the humble blueberry! Learn of its health-giving properties and sample some delicious uses from this beautiful shrub. I know it’s blueberry season when I walk into the Monterey Market…

Self Care In a Time of Darkness

This blog was initially going to be about “self care during the holidays”, however this week the office was filled with people in a state of shock and disbelief over the path many…
old mossy stone wall

Leaky Gut = Leaky Boundaries

Earlier this week, I was having lunch with an integrative psychiatrist, and we were talking about how gut health influences both your emotional and mental health. Although I’ve talked about this before, I…