Self Care In a Time of Darkness

This blog was initially going to be about “self care during the holidays”, however this week the office was filled with people in a state of shock and disbelief over the path many people in our country have chosen. I think one of the more distressing things I’ve heard is that in two separate school […]

Leaky Gut = Leaky Boundaries

old mossy stone wall

Earlier this week, I was having lunch with an integrative psychiatrist, and we were talking about how gut health influences both your emotional and mental health. Although I’ve talked about this before, I wanted to put a new insight into how a leaky gut influences your ability to keep boundaries in your personal and professional […]

Carol Can Turn a Half Dead Plant into a 200-Lemon Tree

Guest Blog by Beth T. If you’ve ever been to Carol’s office and been in Treatment Room #1, you have probably noticed that there’s a half dead plant in there. It’s not a small limp thing hiding out in the corner, but an extra large floor plant in an even more enormous oriental pot. For […]

Healthy Seed Snacks

When we think about healthy eating, seeds are an often overlooked. That’s something I’d like to change, for seeds provide an easy and delicious way of getting both protein and good fats as part of an optimal diet. Sunflower Seeds The high oil content in sunflowers seeds provides a main source of polyunsaturated oil and […]

Persimmon Budino Recipe

Persimmons are the edible fruit of a number of trees in the species Diospyros. Native to China, the tree was brought to California in the 1800s. The tree is deciduous and grows best in areas with moderate winters and relatively mild summers; perfectly matched for the Bay Area. The Bay Area is home to two […]