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I have been a licensed acupuncturist since 1987 and have found acupuncture to be an extremely beneficial modality for treatment of any and all complex disease, including infertility, mental health challenges, digestive disturbances, supportive cancer care or inflammatory process such as thyroid or arthritis.

Acupuncture is a component of the Chinese medical approach to health which began thousands of years ago. The Chinese physicians viewed health as intimately connected to the changing weather, or seasons, in time, as well as the energy of the Earth. And so the concept of Qi, or vital force, was formed.

The concept of Qi is one of the central concept of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. This philosophy of health and healing is based on the ancient Chinese theory of the flow of Qi (Energy) through distinct pathways, called meridians. In a healthy state, the Qi in your body is like a free-flowing river, flowing smoothly. Stress creates “debris” in the river; if the stress continues, the debris creates blockage and stagnation. In Chinese Medicine philosophy, this is thought to be a root cause of disease.

Today’s over busy and stress-filled lifestyles can cause your body to become out of balance, with too much energy in one area and not enough in another. Acupuncture has the unique ability not only to balance your energy but can also provide you with a sense of calm and centeredness.

We employ single-use, very fine acupuncture needles to remove the debris, and restore the harmonious energetic balance of the body. I have a very light touch and specialize in working with people who have had a difficult time with the concept of needles being used for acupuncture treatment.

California State Acupuncture License: AC-3404
NCCAOM: 2637

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