Attending to one’s mental health is not something society readily addresses. Instead, we are bombarded by television commercials about pharmaceuticals designed to treat severe anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Often the reported side effects are worse than the disease they are supposed to help.

Anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other disorders of mental health seem to be increasing as our world becomes more complicated. The challenges of everyday responsibilities, for yourself, family, and work can suddenly and without warning become overwhelming.

The world of mental health care and psychiatry has recently taken a big leap in the right direction by acknowledging the interconnectedness of the brain/neurology and the “rest of the body”. A new field has developed, psychoneuroimmunology, which addresses the relationships between mental and emotional health, gut health, and your immune and endocrine systems. Did you know that 70% of your immune system originates from your gut? Mental illness is not a “stand alone” disease and this relationship clearly establishes the importance of the food you eat as directly influencing mental and emotional health.

My philosophy towards mental health treatment is, when possible, “try the natural route first”. Making every effort to improve your overall health utilizing integrative therapies, performing brain biochemistry testing and incorporating pharmaceutical quality neutriceuticals into your pharmaceutical regimen, can impact the quantity of medication required.

For three decades I have been perfecting protocols for people suffering from disease associated with emotional illness. I have synthesized a multidisciplinary approach utilizing the practices of Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine™ to provide people with the most comprehensive program possible.

Our Treatment Protocol

Test Don’t Guess!

Functional Medicine™ employs the latest technology to identify imbalances utilizing the cutting edge development of neurotransmitter and brain biochemistry testing. Advances in Neurotransmitter differentiation and measurement provide a novel means of identifying and treating the myriad unique varieties of individual mental health disorders.  The urinary neurotransmitter assessment provides us with a biomarker, which is an indicator of biological actions that assess each patient’s nervous system activity. Targeted amino acid nutritional therapy is then utilized to aid in restoring balance to the neurotransmitters.

The Contribution of Homeopathy

Homeopathy has grown enormously over the last decade. There are now hundreds more available remedies, which allow me to assist in healing trauma, often on a cellular level.


In Chinese Medicine, blocked energy or Qi can result in depression. Acupuncture opens the pathways, allowing the energy to move freely. Acupuncture also balances energy, so the patient is able to feel more centered.

My Integrative Process

I often work in conjunction with referring therapists, and utilizing an integrative approach is supportive of depth therapy. My work incorporates the importance of the mind-body process in healing and helps to lessen the affect of trauma on the body. This can often be the beginning of repair for a healthy mind-body-spirit connection.

Utilizing an integrative approach is extremely beneficial in the treatment of complex emotional disorders, anxiety and dysphoria, secondary to severe trauma from injury, disease, or physical assault or abuse.

Among the syndromes I have been called upon to assess are:

  • Depression, Anxiety and Associated Pain and Insomnia, PTSD
  • Endocrine, Adrenal and Hormone-Associated Disorders
  • Lack of effectiveness of psychiatric medications, or the inability to employ them due to excessive side effect risks.

If this sounds like you, or someone you love, and you have not found the help you deserve, or you are a professional and would like a metabolic assessment of your patient, please contact me for a consultation.