The Healing Garden

When I first saw my office, surrounded by asphalt, I knew it wasn’t the healing environment I envisioned for my practice. I immediately began the process of replacing the asphalt with a healing garden.

Why a garden?

A beautiful garden and a healthy body and psyche have a great deal in common. They both require proper nutrients, the right amount of water, adequate light, and enough space. The work it takes to build a healthy garden in many ways mirrors the work we’ll do together to recapture your health and life.

Create a healthy foundation

Careful attention to the garden in the spring determines the health of the plants for the summer months. To ensure healthy plants, I bring in a huge

truckload of organic soil to spread throughout the garden. Next, I fertilize the plants with nutrients and special microbes to ensure the health of the soil.

Just as rich, fertile soil is the foundation of a healthy garden, so is nutrition for you. One of the first things we do in our work together is to ensure you’re eating food that is optimal for your individual metabolic requirements.

Trim as necessary

Next, I consider how the plants have grown in relationship to each other. Often a plant, even if very beautiful, needs to be removed for the overall health of the garden.

As you grow and change, there are old patterns you realize no longer serve you and it’s time to divest yourself of relationships and practices that have become unhealthy.

Nurture for continued health

During the growing season, I am in the garden several times a week, trimming the plants in order to ensure enough space for them to develop.

Just as the garden needs regular care, so it is very important to attend to your health on a daily basis. We talk about how to easily incorporate lifestyle changes to ensure your good health.

Feed your body and soul

Another belief of mine is that art encourages healing. The art of the garden outside is reflected inside with original paintings on the walls. My entire focus is to create a place of healing energy where you can come and heal not only your physical illness, but your inner grief and traumas as well.

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