" How naturopathic medicine approaches disease resonates with how I feel about my health — and recovery."

Many years before “detox”became a household word, there was a chiropractor on Long Island, NY who was a pioneer in the field of natural healing. Using iridology to diagnose underlying conditions contributing to disease, here commended detoxifying diets consisting of blended salads and vegetable juicing and his name was Dr. Gian-Cursio.

The time I spent working in his office had a profound affect on my perspective of what is possible to achieve with natural healing. I discovered the catalogue to the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) while going through a pile of papers in his study. I immediately realized I had discovered the next step for my education and career.

Dr. Cursio believed that true healing requires returning the mind and body to the time when the illness initially developed, an attitude also held by naturopathic medicine.

Naturopathic medicine also emphasizes disease prevention and focuses on whole-person wellness. Naturopathic treatments are all-inclusive and involve nutrition, supplements, stress management and lifestyle change – all personalized to the driving factors contributing to your illness.

Now known as the “root-cause approach,” this approach involves listening and understanding the many clues your body and mind use to communicate before the disease even appeared that something is out of balance.

In my clinical practice, I have seen the greatest success in reclaiming a patient’s health when we begin with the time before your illness or disease became apparent.

“When did your symptoms start?”

“What was going on in your life when the symptoms first appeared?”

The answer to these questions, helps determine how we begin your treatment. Advanced diagnostic testing is utilized when indicated and by creating a timeline for the development of your disease, from root causes to current stressors, we begin to unravel the “why” and “how” of your illness and then we are able to begin the process of moving back to wellness.

Your healing program may include:

  • A Nutritional Plan: Food forms the foundation of your health, and there is no one diet that works for everyone. Discovering what your body needs is an important part of your health recovery.
  • Targeted Supplements: Serious disease requires targeted supplements. For example, chemotherapy generates gut imbalances and nutrient deficiencies. We create protocols tailored to your specific metabolic needs, using supplements made to pharmaceutical-quality standards.
  • Emotions and Mindset Reset: Beliefs and thoughts about your health you aren’t even aware of can inhibit healing. Bringing these into awareness creates the opportunity for change and healing.
  • Creating a Toxin-Free Home:Your home is your sanctuary,and you spend a great deal of time there. That’s why it’s so important to have your home be as free of toxic chemicals as possible to support your health and be a healing sanctuary.Fortunately, there are many organic and eco-products for your pantry and your home to choose from.
  • Lifestyle Management: Society pushes us to be “busy”and “productive” all the time, but that is the opposite of what is best for a balanced nervous system. Here we consider how stress is impacting your life.What activities do you do —exercise, gardening, music, laughter and fun —to take care of yourself throughout the week?

The foundation of my practice and how I approach illness, health, and recovery continue to be influenced by my exposure to Dr. Cursio’s work. With attention and focus on you, we work together to help you recover your health and restore your life.