" Homeopathy helped me to feel better — physically and emotionally — in ways that I never dreamed would be possible."

Homeopathy can address all of the unique factors which have contributed to your illness and is personalized medicine at its best!

Homeopathy excels in its ability to address complex, chronic disease and “strange and unusual symptoms.” It does this by understanding both the disease and the person affected. You are viewed and treated as an individual, not as your illness or disease.

Homeopathy works with your body’s own innate healing energy. I’ve seen a homeopathic remedy work to “resolve” a condition — enable profound depths of healing — in ways no other healing modality would be able to do

German physician Samuel Hahnemann, MD, established the fundamental principles of homeopathy nearly 200 years ago – he realized the body was capable of amazing healing, given the right support. With that knowledge, he began to develop the body of work that formed the basis of modern homeopathic practice.

It was a time of serious disease, Cholera and Influenza were reaching pandemic levels, and Dr. Hahnemann, an avid researcher, discovered that by “potentizing” substances, he was able to cure these illnesses, while other methods had failed. In fact, people he treated with homeopathy survived, while others did not.

Potentization is what differentiates homeopathic treatment from other holistic modalities and explains how homeopathy can address illness on all levels, such as physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic. 

How does homeopathy work?

Homeopathic remedies are made from animal, mineral, and plant sources. There are also remedies made from rather “unusual substances”, called “imponderables”, such as Mobile Phone, proven in response to how society has evolved. All substances must go through the same potentization process to become a homeopathic remedy.

The process of potentization involves taking a substance and putting it through a series of dilutions and agitations. At the end of this process, the presence of actual molecular activity of the product has been removed, leaving only an energetic vibration of the original substance. 

This explains how homeopathic remedies are safe to use with medication, for any health condition and for people of all ages from newborns to people in hospice.

Homeopathy can be used extremely effectively for acute conditions such as itching from poison oak, to bring down a fever, for infant teething, and to help a patient heal after surgery.

The homeopathic remedy is based on a deep understanding of the person as a unique whole, and treatment is based on the health of the entire person. In order to provide you with a homeopathic remedy for the totality of who you are, we begin with what is known as the “homeopathic interview.”

The goal of the homeopathic interview is to uncover the unique symptoms displayed by you and to obtain as thorough an understanding of who you are as possible. 

Each of us is a total, complete individual, no aspect of which can be separated from any other. The symptoms presented by you as part of your illness are unique to you. Two women may have the same medical diagnosis, but the symptoms on physical and emotional levels can be very different.

Dr. Hahnemann referred to this understanding as “The Law of Similars.”

Simply stated, the symptoms displayed by the person guide the homeopath to the remedy. My task as a homeopath is to understand your total symptom picture — physically, emotionally and energetically.  I can then prescribe a homeopathic remedy that most closely matches the totality of how your illness has impacted your being.

Over the last 20 years, Homeopathy has evolved a great deal to mirror the changes in society. It remains a highly systematic, scientific method of therapy, still utilizing Hahnemann’s main philosophy that it is necessary to stimulate one’s own healing process in order to enhance health and provide true healing.