" Reviewing the functional medicine testing provided me with a clear understanding of why I was ill — and what I needed to do to feel better!"

In Functional Medicine we often say, “One condition has many different causes and, likewise, one cause may result in many different conditions.” This forms the foundation of Functional Medicine treatment targeting the specific manifestations of disease for you as the unique individual you are!

As the world we live in has become more developed, disease and illness have become more complex, requiring a deeper understanding of root causes and environmental contributors. The science of Functional Medicine™ developed in response to this increasingly complicated picture of what creates an illness and how can you recover your wellness.

The Functional Medicine model is an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that allows us to work together to address the underlying causes of disease, help you recover your health, and restore your life.

The process of becoming healthy starts with accurately determining the metabolic factors that are driving your disease; Functional Medicine achieves this by utilizing the latest in advanced laboratory testing.

The results provided by these tests take the guess work out of why you are sick and provide clear measurements of the metabolic processes contributing to your illness.

This is the beginning of a detailed understanding of your genetic, metabolic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors. We use this information to provide personalized treatment plans with the goal of addressing the underlying cause of your illness to improve your health.

Functional Medicine helps you recover your health by:

  • Incorporating the whole person rather than focusing on an isolated set of symptoms,
  • Considering the unique genetic makeup of the individual,
  • Factors in lifestyle factors of diet and exercise, emotional factors, stress, quality and quantity of sleep, and satisfaction with life,
  • Addressing root causes of disease and providing patient-centered, quality health care with compassion and understanding, and
  • Committing to the least invasive and non-toxic means possible.

Treatments are evidence-based and involve a combination of nurturing nutritional, targeted supplementation, detoxification programs, Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, stress-management and healthy lifestyle transformation.

Together, with a comprehensive understanding of what caused your illness, we'll create a comprehensive protocol that addresses the underlying root-cause factors and assists you on your road to recovering your health.

Functional Medicine is personalized health care at its best!